Holguin Family | Bear Lake | Chattaroy, Washington

Do you believe that your family photos are the most important piece of art? The thing about the digital world, our wonderful images get stuck in the cloud and most of the time we don't even remember we had them! Ashley (*Mom) and I connected in such a way where in we both understand the value of prints. I cannot forget what she told me "We print! We print them all! Our babies need something when we're old" those words speak so much volume to me as a Mom and as a photographer. We need something to remind us of how we are, how we used to be and etch those memories through tangible keepsake like prints or a wonderful framed photo on you wall. A photo that can make you feel you belong, you are loved and you are part of a beautiful family.

It is such a gift to have people like Ashley and her family that has the same value as ours. I cannot be more thankful to this session. Everyone was ready for the camera, beautiful and dressed up (The girl's dresses are from our client's close) Kameron (*Dad) was so prepared for this, he had a bag of M&M's for the girls when they start losing interest~! I mean, I can't ever explain how amazing that was!

This family session at Bear Lake Regional Park in Spokane County was such a dreamy, laid back and quite really emotional one. It's been great to spend time with this family and get to know them more. The gentle and loving vibe of the Holguin family was just so perfectly blended with the blue skies of summer dusk. I am so thankful to this time with them and as always we gained new friends in the process~ PS we had a Mcdonald's picnic (literally by the parking lot grass area) at the end of this session. If that's not the best after session bonding ever haha! I don't know what is!

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